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Bogner Goldfinger 45

The Goldfinger is based around the rich harmonic textures of the iconic 6V6 tube. Known for having a nice warmth and a creamy breakup at fairly low volumes, the 6V6 sings like an EL34 but has more chime for cleaner bell like tones. The Goldfinger’s power amp has the finesse of a Bull Rider that knows the art of hanging loose and tight at the same time, not an easy sonic accomplishment by any means. The 6V6 power amp, when combined with the many sonic fragrances of the fine-tuned preamp circuit, offers you have a complex harmonic universe that allows your soul to get lost in.


Reinhold’s Guitar System? The Goldfinger is a two channel vintage voiced amplifier incorporating Reinhold Bogner’s incredible tonal flexibility. Each channel, one named Alpha, the other Omega, features multiple controls and switches to highly customize your personal sound preferences.


The combination of the channels with the availability of a pre and post effects loop makes this amplifier a Guitar System which lets you route your guitar signal as needed without downloading the original audio signal.


The post effects loop is the more common found loop between pre amp and power amp. The loop can be operated in series or parallel and has a level switch to be set accordingly to the effects unit used. Parallel mode lets you mix your effects via a control to the pure dry signal. Series takes the entire dry signal and routes it through your effects unit, series can also be used as a volume boost.


The pre effects loop is incredibly unique and a first in amplifier designs. Actually, the second time, since in 1995 Reinhold designed and produced a limited 60 unit run of the hand wired Caveman amplifiers which featured a tube buffered pre effects loop. While this loop worked well and served its purpose for the 100% pure sound, you still had to plug the guitar directly into the channel inputs.


After rethinking the problem, Reinhold came up with a new pre loop design that’s featured for the first time in the Goldfinger. The problem is solved: if the pre loop is not engaged the amplifier will only see the pure guitar signal without it going through any switches or relays. This means if your guitar is plugged straight into the Goldfinger’s input and any other effect pedals, loopers, routers etc., that would normally be used between the guitar and amplifier, are connected through the Goldfinger’s loop, you still retain a 100% pure guitar tone! Please note this pre loop is a non-buffered circuit design.


Goldfinger 45 – The quartet of 6V6’s delivers 45 watts of clean headroom and can be scaled down to 30, 18 or 9 watts.


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Bogner Atma


"One’s soulful essence meets at the nexus of past and future. Where old tradition morphs into new and iconic tools are re-envisioned for the modern hand. This is our newest creation – Atma.


The effortlessly smooth and rounded corners are perhaps the first detail noticed of Atma’s unique hybrid aluminum and wood construction. Not only is it a beautiful artistic statement that’s incredibly strong and durable but it also delivers detailed midrange and tonal clarity. Light weight, portable and evolved, the sophisticated Atma is equally comfortable on a greasy juke-joint stage or penthouse apartment over-looking the shimmering & pulsating lights of any metropolis. A thin aluminum outer-shell allows for considerably smaller sizes for traveling light while the timber speaker baffle board projects classic organic tones.


Within Atma you can feel the influence of Reinhold Bogner’s grandfather, who owned an aluminum factory, as well as his respect for famed industrial designer Dieter Rams. This was the modernist era of air-stream travel-lodges, glass walled homes and experimental materials used on futuristic concepts. And once again, past design ideas and approaches are being challenged and pushed forward by Reinhold Bogner and Atma."


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Bogner Ecstasy



"Our Ecstasy series heads were designed to breath like sweet old amps…all living in one box. The standard features of our Ecstasy 101 allow the “DNA” of the 3 distinctly voiced channels to be radically morphed into sounds of the past, present and future. The Ecstasy comes with either EL34 or 6L6 power tubes and by using our foot-switch, you can access 6 tuned variations of these channels instantly. Imagine going from our notorious barking Plexi mode, to the greasiest, harmonically chewy overdrive and then washing it all down with the lushest most decadent clean tone. The Ecstasy 101 comes standard with an amazing array of controls: 1/2 power switch, Old/New style switch, 3-way Excursion switches to control speaker cabinet dampening, two presence controls (one assignable), gain boost, Plexi-mode, Structure, Three Pre-EQ switches, Tube buffered series/parallel FX loop. See our manual below for details.




In 2009 we celebrated our 20th year of Bogner USA and wanted to create something special for our amplifier line; enter the 20th Anniversary Ecstasy model. We consider this model to be the new “Flagship” in the Ecstasy line with the most organic and open sound yet.


Available as an option to the base model the 20th Anniversary has a plexi panel with gold background and is housed in a slightly larger head shell for an iconic and classic vintage vibe. To further celebrate our 20 year anniversary this series is offered in white tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill at no additional up charge which applies to the cabinet as well if ordered together with a head. All other color and grill options are available for the usual up charge, however the Metal Grill option is not available.


The 20th Anniversary is our finest evolution of the Ecstasy line that started with the 100B, then 101B, and Classic Options. However, the 20th Anniversary model features it’s own unique circuit and many refinements never before seen. In the past few years many new boutique capacitors have come on the market such as the Sozo brand which focus on replicating the vintage toneful capacitors from the 60’s. These new capacitors are very expensive and mostly hand made in their construction so we were intrigued to hear how they sounded. We purchased all the available brands and meticulously went trough the entire audio signal chain of our Ecstasy circuit incorporating these vintage style capacitors into the design. However, once this process started, we quickly realized that replacing the capacitors was only the beginning. Additional circuit adjustments and refinements were implemented to maximize the vintage tonal character of these new capacitors, which all together, give the new 20th Anniversary it’s massive, iconic Golden-Era of Ecstasy tone.


Now does this mean the other Ecstasy’s have lower grade capacitors? No not at all, we use the German made Wima capacitors and these are the best tonal choice for different circuit designs. Especially for pc mount construction in highly complex circuits where space is a concern. Look into your old Vox and you will see classic Wima branded capacitors. It’s not just about replacing components, but rather, how you integrate the components into the overall circuit making fine-tune adjustments to balance and blueprint the final design. Every component must be considered, and optimized depending on the circuit, to work effortlessly together in reaching our goal of creating an inspiring amplifier for you.


Additional refinements have been made including:

The pre EQ’s 2 and 3 have been shifted and a vintage modern style switch lets you decide the overall flavor of Channel 2 and 3, bypassed when in the plexi mode.

The plexi channel has slightly more gain and a foot controllable boost was added which expands the amp to have 6 sounds on tap via your foot. Boost is engaged with the same switch as for Channel 2 and 3.

The clean channel has been changed; special emphasis was taken to the boosted mode which gives you more gain with nicely balanced frequencies and compression.

Power amp dampening was adjusted to compliment the new pre amp design, the Excursion switches so to speak.

The 20th Anniversary amp was designed and features 6L6 power amp tubes but other configurations are available as a custom order.






To start I want to tell you a bit about the history of the Ecstasy. The first model the 100B was released over two decades ago in 1992. It was the time when most of the people where using external multi channel pre-amps to achieve a vast variety of sounds, some used multiple amp setups. Reinhold realized two things early on, a split system of pre and power amp can not give you the dynamics and response of a single circuit which incorporates both, second there is a need to make an amplifier head which covers a huge tonal pallet of tones but with the organic feel and tone of the good old amps from the 60’s.


The end result was the 3 channel Ecstasy with the possibility for the user to customize the amp to her/his taste via the multiple switches in pre and power amp. At that time the Ecstasy was in a class by itself as the most flexible amplifier and defined the word boutique amp.


Eric Johnson a purist and the Godfather of multi amp setups tried the amp and bought one and took it immediately on the joint tour with BB King, it might be very well the only multi channel amp he ever owned. The Ecstasy became a favorite for every style and genre of music, Steve Vai, George Lynch, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Walter Becker of Steely Dan, Buddy Guy, Steve Farris of Mister Mister, Mark Goldenberg of Jackson Browne, Christopher Cross, producers like Dave Jerden (Rolling Stones, Alice in Chains), Michael Beinhorn ( Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Silvia Massey (Tool), Mike Clink (Guns & Roses, UFO); you get the picture.


In 1995 the 101B was introduced with features never found in any guitar amplifier at that time; the channel assignable internal speaker cabinet switching system and power attenuator loop as well as the dual presence with our so called Excursion power amp dampening control. Further the clean channel was expanded with an additional gain stage as well as a boost function, next to sparkling cleans one could get the dirty tones of the small combo’s of the 50’s and 60’s. Channel 2&3 got slight modifications with the possibility to now also choose the Plexi mode on channel 2, a structure switch which lets you choose a lower or higher gain mode.


The effects loop could be run in series or parallel with an added mix control. The internal load resistor was taken out as nobody seemed to use it, the variac switch had to go as it was not possible to sustain the current to switch all the new functions consistently but a switch was added to choose between class AB or A. Cosmetically the amp was now also offered with the for Bogner custom made basket weave grill.


All in all with no competition Reinhold raised the bar to a new level. In 1997 the 101B was revised; rather then incorporate everything certain functions where offered as options. Available options where, Class A/AB, switch, individual line out controls for each channel, metal grill and the assignable speaker cabinet switching with the attenuator loop which was shortly after discontinued as there was no demand for it. The Chassis color was changed from white to black.


In 2001 the Classic option was introduced. Since only one hundred 100B models were built and the amp became rare Reinhold wanted to offer a model with slightly less features which sits somewhere between the 100 and 101B. The Classic featured a chrome front panel and a more open, organic feel and tonality.


In 2003 the red channel of the 101B received a gain increase since many customers were asking for more gain with an easy to play feel. This was not Reinhold’s optimal choice as it also made for a more compressed and focused tone. But since there was the Classic Option choice, for a more open and less compressed sound, he wanted to give the customer’s wish for more gain on the red channel.


2009 was a big year for Bogner Amplification as we celebrated 20 years of creation! To mark the special occasion Reinhold developed the 20th Anniversary Ecstasy. We consider this model to be the new “Flagship” in the Ecstasy line with the most organic and open sound yet. Incorporating many circuit refinements, vintage style capacitors and redesigned cosmetics, the new 20th Anniversary Ecstasy offers massive, iconic and inspiring tone."

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Bogner Shiva



"Years of Bogner designs distilled down to its purest form, is the SHIVA…


Featuring two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer like icicles in the deep of winter moonlight and tube saturation that is so rich and powerful it should be illegal in the free world. Foot-switchable boost function for both channels, variable for channel 2.


The Shiva is a masterful study of refined elegance, providing the synergy of one’s heart and hands.


Standard Shiva – EL34 models are 80 watts and have a nice throaty growl with aggressive English-style midrange to punch thru the mix. 6L6 models are 60 watts and have a touch more lowend/highend extension that’s more American-style. The sweet/rich sounding Reverb option offers individual level controls for each channel, don’t need reverb on the clean channel but need a bit on the high-gain channel, no problem dial in just the right level needed. The Shiva also has a Tube-buffered series FX-Loop. 1×12 Combo features a newly designed and revolutionary ported speaker enclosure that sounds very full, almost like a 4×12 cabinet. There is more than enough bass response to rearrange your living room furniture, if needed.


20th Anniversary Shiva – comes with a pair of KT88’s and the amp is rated at 90 watts. The clean channel has an entire new boost circuit. Unlike the tone stack bypass boost on the other Shiva model this boost has a separate gain stage which brings this channel into Plexi territory when boost is engaged. The tone controls stay in the circuit and affect the sound.


The gain channel features higher gain and a slightly more refined type of gain. Two push button switches have been added to further shape the tone. The Shift button will as it is labeled shift the EQ., pushed in you will have a more Fender or type tone, less mids softer feel. One could say it will please the Dumble favoring players. The Mode button if pushed in will give a more aggressive in your face feel.


A power amp dampening control was added located on the back panel. This control labeled Excursion is great to dial in a full sound at low volumes or adjust the right balanced bass to a cabinet. Be careful as this can add massive bottom to your sound which might overpower other frequencies and cover up an overall balanced sound. Best to keep low at higher volumes."


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Bogner TwinJet

"Our TWIN JET was introduced at the 2009 Winter Namm Show and was globally released later that summer. The name TWIN JET refers to having two powerful gain channels on tap versus the more traditional clean and gain channel configuration of our standard Uberschall.


First, here are the main differences with more detailed info explained below.

– Newly voiced clean channel which can deliver semi cleans to hot rodded high gain flavored sounds.

– Additional flexibility added to super high gain channel.

– KT88 power amp section with expanded controls.

– White front panel (original black mirror polished panel available as a special order)


The TWIN JET’s new clean channel features the same controls as the standard Uberschall but with an entirely new circuit. You can still dial in clean sounds with single-coil guitars but pure, super clean tones are diminished if using humbucker equipped guitars. This new gain structure now offers you a clean channel that can be dialed in as a second gain channel. While the clean channel’s gain does not match the super high gain of the second channel, it will give you the ability to have semi-clean, Plexi, JCM or hot rodded tones. (Note – in November 2009 a revision to the gain control was made to offer a better clean sound.)


The super high gain channel is identical to the standard Uberschall with the exception that the presence control is now in the channel circuit itself, rather than the power amp. The Uberscall’s power amp presence control is the same as the Twin Jet’s master presence control which affects both channels on the Twin Jet. With these changes the Twin Jet’s super high gain channel’s presence control becomes an additional tone and feel shaping control.


The power amp section of the TWIN JET features a quartet of KT88’s which run on higher plate voltage then the standard Uberschall giving you a raging 150+ watts with more articulation and quick response. Control over the power amp has been expanded via a depth and presence control in addition to the master volume control already found on the standard Uberschall. These controls affect both channels and let you dial in overall low end response and presence.


Our UBERKAB is perfectly matched for the thunderous TWIN JET and UBERSCHALL. This 4×12? straight front speaker cabinet features a black front speaker grill with silver piping and a combination of front loaded Celestion Vintage 30’s and G12T75’s wired at 16 ohms. This combination unleashes the aggressiveness of the TWIN JET amp, plus helps to maximize the low end and give great cutting power to the mids and highs. Our standard Bogner 4×12? cabinet, with Vintage 30’s, also sounds great with either the TWIN JET or UBERSCHALL but we wanted to offer a cabinet that was fine tuned for both flame-throwing designs. (Note: prior to January 2009 the Uberkab design was slightly different with speakers being rear mounted and wired at 8 ohms.)"



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