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Brunetti Pleximan Head

"Product Description

PLEXI. To celebrate 25 years of Brunetti, we wanted to design a new model that would make history in the world of guitar amplification. The PLEXIMAN is the result of our efforts. This very special head is small in size, but is incredibly powerful. It has many similarities with its older ‘sister’, the Customwork Mercury. There are two tube powered channels plus other new features that add two extra channels, giving you four individual sounds with simple and effective operation. The philosophy of “less is more” is truly demonstrated by the Pleximan. Powerful but tame, the 50W/5W power amp is powered by EL34 tubes. Gorgeous, british rock sounds to suit a variety of musical genres are delivered effortlessly.
The PLEXIMAN works perfectly with the Singleman 1×12 Vintage 30 Cab or the more powerful Customwork CW212 2×12 Vintage 30 Cab. Connect your choosen cabinet to the Pleximan, switch the power on and read this manual. You will then be ready to play and experience the emotion of Brunetti!"


CH 1: Volume, Tone, Dense

CH 2: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Hotrod, Extra, Mellow Solo Volume: + 10dB (x3)

Power Amp: 50W AB Class 2xEL34 fixed bias or 5W A Class (POWERLIMIT)

Effect loop: Serial & tube buffered. Sensitivity -10dB/0dB

Speaker outs: 2 paralleled (linked) 4, 8, 16 Ω switchable

Footswitch: Ch, Hotrod, Solo volume

Tubes: 4 x 12AX7/ECC83 - 2 x EL34 Standard equipment: Footswitch, power cable, cover, user manual Dimension (inch): 17,7” (W), 7,5” (H), 8,7”(D) Weight: 18lb (8,5Kg)

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Brunetti Singleman Head

Die Topteil-Version unseres Dauerbrenners!







The Singleman H is the latest brainchild of Marco Brunetti. This single channel tube head is designed to meet the needs of any guitar player seeking a low power amplifier of exceptional quality, simplicity and versatility. The Singleman H is equally at home in the studio or on stage. From the beautiful cream and black Tolex vinyl finish to the highest quality components, this Italian creation emanates quality and style - the Brunetti Trademarks.

There are very few amps in the world that ‘fill the room’ like the Singleman H. The multiple control switches and power output options give you maximum flexibility. All you’ll need is the Singleman H, your pedalboard and your guitar for the perfect set-up. Nashville cats will be droolin’ and rock hounds will be rulin’! It won’t be long before you’ll want to sell your old kit ! This amp is the perfect platform for beautiful tone creation – pedals really shine through in all their glory. There is an integral Belton/ Accutronics spring reverb system and true bypass effects loop which can be completely excluded from the signal path.





Manual switch controls:





POWER SECTION: class AB 50W ( 6L6WGC/5881 tubes)

POWERLIMIT®: Manual switch 50/15/2 Watts

REVERB: Belton/Accutronics can, remote switching

EFFECT LOOP: Send/Return, Stomp/Rack level (true bypass)


TUBES: 2x12AX7/ECC83 + 2x6L6WGC (trim adjustable bias)

MECHANICS: Steel and Stainless steel laser cutted

COMPONENTS: WIMA “Red Series” MKP capacitors, sealed relais, carbon/metal

film resistors, Custom Multilayers Output Transformers, golden pin jacks

SIZE: H 8” 5/8, W 18” 1/8, D 9”

WEIGHT: 22 lbs

BOX CONTENT: power cable, reverb switch, owner’s manual, and waterproof cover



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