FXamps Cab

FXamps 1x12" Recording

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Designed by acoustics specialists, enhanced by guitarists, this 1×12″ is the perfect cab to carry everywhere, for your most demanding needs. It has a nice bass response, even with open back. Ideal for playing home with a fantastic sound even at low volume, or to carry on stage, with a surprisingly good sound projection.

Exclusive design

Not only this 1×12″ will shine on stage with it’s unique look, but more important this design will give a very good diffusion to your guitar sound. Specially design to offer a very refined and balanced sound for every usage.

Versatile companion

We can load this fantastic cabinet with a large choice of speakers : just tell us your needs, and we will find the most suitable speaker for you.

Fine craftsmanship

All Fx cabinets are designed and built by expert, with premium materials and techniques. Designed by acoustics specialist, built with highest quality birch plywood, strong dovetail assembly, and finished with the greatest care to every details : Fx cabinets are fine pieces of art, like no other cabinet.

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