Marco Brunetti ist bekannt für sein gutes Ohr und einen eigenständigen Stil.

Marco Brunetti´s pedals definitely have his own, original signature sound.

Brunetti Burning Box

Burning Box is the new Brunetti high- gain distortion stomp box. It is intended to deliver gain and distortion levels to the utmost. It is endowed with FET technology to reproduce tubes behaviour and dynamics as faithfully as possibile. Burning Box is pure force, devoted to more extreme and aggressive sounds, it goes beyond limits, it is pure power set free! Despite the unbelievable violence of its distortion, controls are effective and designed to mould the timbre according to your style and the instrument connected…and to limit the damage! This small box contains all tube amplifier power driven to the peak: that is the wild compressed distortion nearly unrestrainable! Marco Brunetti designed the Burning Box to meet musicians requirements, for those who expect the utmost and look for extreme situations. This stomp is dedicated to people who are never satisfied with what their amplifier could offer. Every single note will appear to roar, every single riff will have explosive bass and burning high! There are no half measures with your Burning Box!

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Brunetti Mercury 2 Double Box

Mercury 2 is the logical Mercury Box evolution.

The Mercury 2 adds one “solo dedicated” channel to the

existing and famous Mercury sound.

The CH2 has own separate Gain and Volume with a Mid eq

section added. This design allow to move you “solo” in any

musical hue, maintaining the best tonal characteristics.

Mercury 2 multiplies the versatility of its already well known

ancestor, giving you a complete three channels system.

You can move from crunch sounds to hard rock “liquid”

distortion which stays defined and never shapeless.

The solos will be very smooth and penetrating,

respectful of your instrument timbre.

The feeling playing the Mercury 2 is to

interact with a real tube amplifier.

These qualities make Mercury 2 different, we

are sure you will be impressed at first note!


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Brunetti Mercury Box

Mercury Box is the new Brunetti overdrive/ distortion stomp box. A small metallic box holds together the qualities of the well-known CustomWork Mercury’s channel 2! It is endowed with FET technology to reproduce tubes behavior and dynamics as accurately as possible. Mercury Box is extremely versatile, you can move from clear and defined crunch sounds to hard rock liquid distortion which is always clean and never shapeless, very smooth and respectful of your instrument timbre, even at high gain levels. Controls are soft and sentive, but effective at the same time. They indeed interact thoroughly as in a real tube amplifier. Mercury Box arises from careful design and long lasting research of Marco Brunetti, and the outcome is innovative and technologically unique. It is not the upgraded clone of a well-know stomp box! These qualities make Mercury Box different, we are sure you will be impressed at first note!

190,00 €

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Brunetti Taxi Drive

Taxi Drive is the new Brunetti booster/overdrive in stomp format. It is endowed with FET-DIODE hybrid technology, and a class A gain structure, to characterize the sound in an original and innovative way. These features make Taxi Drive very versatile: you can use it as a simple booster or to obtain a very warm and winding crunch sound moving from bluesy to tweed shades easily. Thanks to sensitive and very effective controls, you can mould and color the sound as much as you like respecting the basic and typical qualities of your instrument. Taxi Drive is perfect to boost crunch sounds into lead field or as a stand-alone effect, it gives excellent results in every situation! Taxi Drive arises from the careful design and long lasting research of Marco Brunetti, and the outcome is technologically unique, a total new brand conception of the overdrive, the connection between tube pedals and solid ones. These qualities make Taxi Drive different, we are sure you will be impressed at first note!

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Brunetti Vanilla

Vanilla is the new soft overdrive by Brunetti. The design derives from the well known Mercury Box and it is characterized by an extremely creamy and soft tones that meets the features of the instrument you are playing and exalts the amp which is connected to!


It is endowed with FET technology to reproduce tube behaviour and dynamics as accurate as possible.

Vanilla has been designed to express itself at its best at not too high distortion levels; it is perfect for blues rythm and warm and well defined rock sound, not indistinct but a fluid and compact one. Controls are smooth and sensitive and, at the same time, effective because they interact perfectly, as in a true tube amp.


Vanilla arises from a careful design and long lasting research carried out by Marco Brunetti, in permanent collaboration with musicians, and the result is a stomp that exalts the touch and the nature of the player!


200,00 €

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