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Nik Huber Orca


On Hold now!


Gerade hereingekommen: eine hervoragende Orca 59 mit einer sehr schönen Decke und einem Riopalisander-Griffbrett und "open pore back",

natürlich inklusive Cites-Zertifikat!


Just came in: an outstanding good Orca 59 with a very nice top. The guitar has a fretboard from Brazilian Rosewood,open pore back

and comes  of course with  the Cites certificate!


Neck : Mahogany

Body : Mahogany

Color : Faded Sunburst

Fingerboard : Brazilian Rosewood

Top : Flame Maple

Pickups : Häussel 1959-Set

Extra: Push/Pull for master coil split (works excellent!)

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