Reani Guitars - made in Italy

Roberto Reani, founder of Reani Guitars, was born in Como on January 24, 1984. He's an Industrial Engineer and he holds a degree in Industrial Design. Music, guitar playing and woodworking are his main passions in life. At Reani Guitars he is a full-range luthier, alternating between high-end repair work on vintage acoustic and electric instruments, and the design and creation of his own range of acoustic and electric guitars. He also builds his own custom parts, where he aims to strike  a balance between best-in-class tradition and innovation in terms of material and of aesthetics. Roberto’s background in Design also allows him to work hand in hand with prospective owners to develop and build unique and bespoke instruments.

Schönheiten aus Italien

Wir freuen uns auf eine Zusammenarbeit mit Roberto und seine tollen Gitarren! Wenn Sie Interesse an diesen Schönheiten haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

Beauties made in Italy

We are happy to announce a collaboration with Roberto. If you are interested in his beautiful guitars, please contact us!

Bellagio Series